Type: Publication
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"Danmaku" subtitling. An exploratory study of a new grassroots translation practice on Chinese video-sharing websites Publication Journal article
"El tiempo entre costuras". Análisis contrastivo entre la subtitulación profesional y la de fansubbing al chino Publication Journal article
A holistic approach to non-professional subtitling from a functional quality perspective Publication Journal article
A socio-cultural study of taboo rendition in Persian fansubbing. An issue of resistance Publication Journal article
Amateur subtitling and the pragmatics of spectatorial subjectivity Publication Journal article
Amateur subtitling in a dubbing country. The reception of Iranian audience Publication Journal article
Amateur subtitling on the internet Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation and fandom Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation in the digital age. The Italian fansubbing phenomenon Publication Book
Audiovisual translation. Subtitling Publication Book
Broadcasting and accessibility services currently offered for deaf and hard of hearing viewers by Catalan-language broadcasters Publication Journal article
Co-creational subtitling in the digital media. Transformative and authorial practices Publication Journal article
Collaborative networks to provide media accessibility. The potential of social subtitling Publication Journal article
Compliments in fansubs and in professional subtitles. The case of Lost Publication Journal article
Confronting amateur and academic audiodescription. A Brazilian case study Publication Journal article
Du "fansubbing" à "l’ubérisation" du sous-titrage. Impact du numérique sur le marché français de la traduction audiovisuelle Publication Journal article
Egypt. Arab women’s feminist activism in volunteer subtitled social media Publication Book chapter
Type: Event
Title Type Subtype
Advanced research seminar on audio description (ARSAD 2017) Event Conference