Type: Publication
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"A splendid innovation, these English titles!" The invention of subtitling in the USA and the UK Publication Book chapter
“That’s just what we need, a fourth language”. Multilingual humour in film and television translation Publication Book chapter
A complexity perspective on amateur translation networks Publication Journal article
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A functional approach to audio description Publication Journal article
A narratological approach to content selection in audio description Publication PhD thesis
A tool for social integration? Audiovisual translation from different angles Publication Journal article
Accesibilidad e inclusión en los textos multimodales. La audiodescripción de la imagen dinámica Publication Book chapter
Accessibilità e contro narrazione. Il Sole luna doc festival Publication Journal article
Accessibilità e sicurezza dei luoghi di spettacolo. Note su criteri impositivi, criteri prescrittivi e buone prassi Publication Book
Accessibilitat i traducció audiovisual Publication Book
Accessibility studies. Abuses, misuses and the method of poietic design Publication Book chapter
Action research. So much to account for Publication Journal article
An introduction to audio description. A practical guide Publication Book
An overview of audiovisual translation. Four methodological turns in a mature discipline Publication Journal article
Aproximación al estudio del doblaje y la subtitulación desde la perspectiva prescriptivista y la descriptivista. La traducción audiovisual Publication Journal article
Type: Conference Presentation
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A functional approach to audio description. Proposal of a framework Conference Presentation
Accessibility, media accessibility, and human rights Conference Presentation
Type: Training Course
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AD - Corso Breve. Teoria e Pratica dell'Audio Descrizione Cinematografica per i Ciechi e gli Ipovedenti Training Course Professional training course