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"The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Reshaping Languages in the Media" is the overriding theme of the 12th Languages and the Media Conference, which will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin from 3rd – 5th October 2018.

In its sessions and workshops, the conference will examine in detail the various developments, innovations and changes that are setting the framework for the future of the audiovisual media industry and the role of languages in it.

Languages and the Media, the 12th International Conference on Audiovisual Language Transfer in the Media, will examine the ways in which innovative technologies are changing the globalised provision of audiovisual media and the ways we consume it across and within languages. It will consider how audiovisual media is produced, accessed and made accessible to diverse international, national and regional user groups. And it will ask how, to increase their revenue, proliferating transnational distribution channels are able to target diverse multilingual populations with language and accessibility services that are both immediate and disparate.

The conference, and its accompanying exhibition, will attract international broadcasters, VoD service providers, media and accessibility managers, language service providers, researchers, trainers, language practitioners, translators and interpreters, software and hardware developers, entrepreneurs, investment analysts and media experts involved in the production, marketing and distribution of audiovisual content for information, entertainment and educational purposes.

More information at www.languages-media.com