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Acessibilidade em Comunicação na Televisão MAP Item Standards
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"A splendid innovation, these English titles!" The invention of subtitling in the USA and the UK Publication Book chapter
"Danmaku" subtitling. An exploratory study of a new grassroots translation practice on Chinese video-sharing websites Publication Journal article
"El tiempo entre costuras". Análisis contrastivo entre la subtitulación profesional y la de fansubbing al chino Publication Journal article
"Fontane Effi Briest" (1974), de Fassbinder. Los subtítulos en una película con predominio del texto Publication Book chapter
"If you are the one" and SBS. The cultural economy of difference Publication Journal article
"I’m so sorry to disturb you but I wonder if I could have your autograph" versus "¿Me firma un autógrafo por favor?" Contrastive (in)directeness in subtitling Publication Book chapter
"No tindrem un vocabulari prou bo?" Feminisme, subtitulació i terminologia Publication Journal article
"Ocean’s Eleven" scene 12. The sample as methodological cogitation – rationale and data Publication Journal article
"Orange is the new black". Popularizing gender and sexual identities Publication Journal article
"Subtitling’s a carnival". New practices in cyberspace Publication Journal article
"Whoopseysplunkers! How absolutely spiffling!". Recapturing Gobblefunk in the French subtitles of Roald Dahl’s "The BFG" Publication Journal article
"You fancying your gora coach is okay with me". Translating multilingual films for an Italian audience Publication Book chapter
(Re)translating culture-bound elements in "Gomorrah – the series". A corpus-based investigation into relocated identities Publication Journal article
...a pagina 777 di televideo Publication Book chapter
3D movie subtitling. Searching for the best viewing experience Publication Journal article