Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Towards research-informed training in interlingual respeaking. An empirical approach Journal article 2021 Hayley Dawson, Pablo Romero-Fresco
Strengthening respeakers’ training in Spain. The research-practice connection Journal article 2021 Nazaret Fresno, Pablo Romero-Fresco
Requests in film dialogue and dubbing translation. A comparative study of English and Italian Book 2021 Vittorio Napoli
Ntozake Shange’s "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enough". The generic malleability and accessibility of an ever-evolving multi-semiotic play Journal article 2021 Ester Gendusa
User perspectives on developing technology-assisted access services in public broadcasting Journal article 2021 Maarit Koponen, Tiina Tuominen, Maija Hirvonen, Kaisa Vitikainen, Liisa Tiittula
(Re)creating actuality in environmental documentaries. The case of "Before the Flood" Journal article 2021 Cinzia Spinzi
Accessible film festivals. A pilot study Journal article 2021 Gabriele Uzzo
Translating Korean beauty YouTube channels for a global audience Book chapter 2021 Sung-Eun Cho, Jungye Suh
Effects of screen size on subtitle layout preferences and comprehension across devices Journal article 2021 Olivia Gerber-Morón, Olga Soler-Vilageliu, Judit Castellà
Introduction. The value of accessibility in the cultural and creative industries. Translation-driven settings Journal article 2021 Alessandra Rizzo
Subtitlers’ visibilities on a spectrum in the digital age. A comparison of different Chinese translations of "The Big Bang Theory" Book chapter 2021 Boyi Huang
Technology for subtitling. A 360-degree turn Journal article 2021 Belén Agulló
Orality, easy-to-read language intralingual translation and accessibility of cultural heritage for persons with cognitive and learning disabilities. The case of Greek oral history testimonies Journal article 2021 Olaf Immanuel Seel
Live music and translation. The case of performances involving singing Journal article 2021 Lucile Desblache
Translating multisemiotic texts. The case of audio introductions for the performing arts Journal article 2021 Nina Reviers, Hanne Roofthooft, Aline Remael
La audiodescripción de la violencia. Estudio descriptivo de tres películas de Quentin Tarantino Journal article 2021 Marta Brescia-Zapata, Anna Matamala
Audiovisual translation Book chapter 2020 Jorge Díaz-Cintas
Non-professional interpreting and translation (NPIT) Book chapter 2020 Claudia Angelelli
Technology. Audiovisual translation Book chapter 2020 Minako O'Hagan
Fan audiovisual translation Book chapter 2020 Luis Pérez González