Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
La traducción para el doblaje en España. Mapa de convenciones Book 2016 Beatriz Cerezo Merchán, Frederic Chaume, Joaquín Granell Zafra, José Luis Martí Ferriol, Juan José Martínez Sierra, Anna Marzà, Gloria Torralba Miralles
Research methods in sign language studies. A practical guide Book 2015 Eleni Orfanidou, Benice Woll, Gary Morgan
Basisprincipes voor audiobeschrijving voor televisie en film Book 2011 Aline Remael, Gert Vercauteren
Talking images research. Museums, galleries and heritage sites: Improving access for blind and partially sighted people Book 2003 Royal National Institute of Blind People, Audio Description Advisory Group, Vocal Eyes
Traducción y accesibilidad en el museo del siglo XXI Book 2012 Silvia Soler Gallego
Audio description and audio subtitles. A study of user preferences. With guidelines for audiovisual media Book 2015 Jana Holsanova, Anita Hildén, Maria Salmson, Veronica Kesen
La accesibilidad de los contenidos web Book 2006 Pablo Lara Navarra, José Ángel Martínez Usero
Adding audio description to television science programs. Impact on legally blind viewers Book 1996 Emilie Schmeidler
Requests in film dialogue and dubbing translation. A comparative study of English and Italian Book 2021 Vittorio Napoli
Audio description for the arts. A linguistic perspective Book 2023 Elisa Perego
La traducción para la subtitulación en España. Mapa de convenciones Book 2019 Beatriz Cerezo Merchán, Federico Chaume Varela, Irene de Higes Andino, Julio de los Reyes Lozano, Joaquín Granell Zafra, José Luis Martí Ferriol, Juan José Martínez Sierra, Laura Mejías, Ana Tamayo, Gloria Torralba Miralles
Audiovisual translation. Theories, methods and issues Book 2014 Luis Pérez-González
听见,看见。影视媒体的无障碍传播研究 (Tingjian, kanjian. Yingshi meiti de wuzhang'ai chuanbo yanjiu) Book 2013 Li Dongxiao
Theorie und Praxis der Synchronisation. Dargestellt am Beispiel einer Fernsehserie Book 1978 Gabriele Toepser-Ziegert
(Re)creating language identities in animated films. Dubbing linguistic variation Book 2021 Vincenza Minutella
Translating audio description scripts. Translating as a new strategy of creating audio description Book 2015 Anna Jankowska
Textual translation and live translation. The total experience of nonverbal communication in literature, theater and cinema Book 2008 Fernando Poyatos
Sprachmacht auf engstem Raum. Die Inszenierung der Stadt in den Hörfilmen der Münchner Tatort-Filmserie Book 2021 Maher Tyfour
The challenge of subtitling offensive and taboo language into Spanish. A theoretical and practical guide Book 2023 José Javier Ávila-Cabrera
Enhancing video game localization through dubbing Book 2021 Laura Mejías-Climent