Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Making interaction with virtual reality accessible. Rendering and guiding methods for subtitles Journal article 2020 Belén Agulló, Mario Montagud, Isaac Fraile
Translating swear words from English into Galician in film subtitles Journal article 2020 Francisco Javier Díaz-Pérez
La traduzione audiovisiva e i suoi pubblici. Studi di ricezione Book 2020 Elena Di Giovanni
Audio description and the translation of film language into words Journal article 2020 Floriane Bardini
La subtitulación y el doblaje como recursos didácticos para aprender inglés como lengua extranjera utilizando el software Clipflair Journal article 2020 Betlem Soler Pardo
Profanity and blasphemy in the subtitling of English into European Spanish. Four case studies based on a selection of Tarantino’s films Journal article 2020 José Javier Ávila Cabrera
"Ocean’s Eleven" scene 12. The sample as methodological cogitation – rationale and data Journal article 2020 Marie-Noëlle Guillot
The look of the con. Eleven thoughts on the historical absence of subtitles in film analysis Journal article 2020 Keith M. Johnston
La traducció xarxa. Utopies i distopies Journal article 2020 Marta Estella Clota
La traducción audiovisual español-italiano. Películas y cortos entre humor y habla soez Book 2020 Beatrice Garzelli
Insights into the dubbing process. A genetic analysis of the Spanish dubbed version of "Ocean’s Eleven" Journal article 2020 Rocío Baños Piñero
Subtitling speed in media accessibility research. Some methodological considerations Journal article 2020 Nazaret Fresno, Katarzyna Sepielak
Audio describing "Ocean’s Eleven" scene 12 out of context. Decision points in AD drafting Journal article 2020 Louise Fryer
Looking behind the scenes. An analysis of dialogue lists for "Ocean's Eleven" Journal article 2020 Silvia Bruti, Serenella Zanotti
English as a lingua franca (ELF) in Chinese fansubbers’ practices Journal article 2020 Tzu-yi Elaine Lee
Paseo por la localización de un videojuego Journal article 2020 María Loureiro Pernas
When Puerto Rico talked to the world. Pioneering dubbing in the Caribbean Journal article 2020 Adrián Fuentes Luque
Accessible scenic arts and virtual reality. A pilot study with aged people about user preferences when reading subtitles in immersive environments Journal article 2020 Estel·la Oncins, Rocío Bernabé, Mario Montagud, Verónica Arnáiz Uzquiza
Interpretación social y accesibilidad. Una propuesta de conexión disciplinar Journal article 2020 Saida Anssari-Naim
El detalle en audiodescripción museística. Una aproximación experimental Journal article 2020 Celia Barnés Castaño, Catalina Jiménez Hurtado