Publication Title
Audio description and accessibility studies. A work in progress
Publication Type
Book chapter
Title of edited book
Researching Audio Description. New Approaches
Year of publication


This book is the second we have edited in English focusing on audio description (AD). Now the scope is diametrically different from the previous publication (Maszerowska, Matamala, & Orero, 2014), where one film was analysed from many perspectives. While the former could be considered to have followed a bottom-up approach, the present publication adopts a top-down approach. Audio Description: New Perspectives Illustrated looked at AD from the perspective of the many components in film language and narrative, its production and terminology. The result was an interesting in-depth analysis of 11 building blocks that need to be taken into consideration when embarking upon writing an AD script. The aim in the present book, in contrast, is to open the lens as widely as possible in order to take a panoramic picture of new approaches in current research in AD. The idea is also to set a long exposure time, hoping the photo will not be blurred. To understand fully the resulting image, though, there is a need to know what surrounds this image, in which field it was taken.
Submitted by Fátima Parejo on Sat, 04/03/2017 - 19:54