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Audio description personalisation
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Book chapter
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The Routledge handbook of audio description
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Nowadays most audio description components may be altered with a view to achieving a higher level of interaction with the audience, the venue requirements, the media genres and the different age groups or cultural background of users. This personalization was studied in the Pear Tree Stories from a narratological point of view. Audio description research has also focused on delivery where alternative voicing strategies have been studied. Making the content easier to understand has also been under analysis when modifying degrees of information explicitation, intonation, or speed. How to make audio description easier to understand has also been studied through the impact on information recall. Technology is now enabling the delivery and user personalization of the many features that affect audio description reception with a view to heightening its enjoyment and understanding. The chapter begins with the concept of personalization and then describes the possible personalization features available today, pointing towards new research avenues, to conclude with a state of the art bibliography.
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