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Audio description as a tool to improve lexical and phraseological competence in foreign language learning
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Book chapter
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Translation in language teaching and assessment
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The main research question here is whether applying AD in the FL classroom, in this case to the teaching of Spanish as a FL, will be adequate to foster competence in Spanish among Dutch speaking Belgian students. Our focus will be on whether AD is a good resource to increase lexical and phraseological competences. Additionally, a secondary question relating to the type of materials used is also formulated: does the content of the audiovisual (AV) material selected for practicing AD exert an influence on the learners' outcomes? In order to answer these questions we will analyse the results obtained from the ARDELE project that was carried out in 2012, in the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of the University College at Ghent (Belgium), with third-year Dutch-speaking students of Spanish (level B2). Following the task-based approach, we designed a didactic unit based on the AD of scenes from the Spanish movie Sin Ti (Masllorens 2006). This didactic unit provided motivating and useful activities to practice the four language skills. Focusing on the learning of lexical and phraseological units, this chapter shows a series of didactic techniques that were used in the classroom, as well as the results obtained from their implementation.
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