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An available university. Audiovisual contents accessible for teaching and self-learning
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Book chapter
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Audiovisual translation. Current issues and challenges
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The increasing use of didactic material in digital format is not only a “passing trend” but it is due to a paradigm shift in the university educational culture. Its benefits compared to traditional materials are numerous: thanks to the digital multimedia material the individual needs of students are better attended; students themselves have easier access to authentic and up-to-date material, and teachers take more advantage of the time available for teaching. The educational innovation project “Elaboration of accessible audiovisual material for teaching and self-learning” (PIE-65 from the University of Malaga, 2015-2017) was born from the experience as university teachers and from our work in other projects of educational innovation related to the world of the visual and auditory disabilities, through which we realised the interest that audio described and subtitled material could have for this target group along with specific screen readers such as JAWS. Our final objective was the creation of short videos that were training pills with very defined learning objectives. These videos were subtitled with subtitles for the deaf and / or audio described. The purpose of this audiovisual material was to: create audiovisual teaching material accessible to people with auditory or visual disabilities and thus facilitate the autonomous learning of these students and promote it amongst others, especially those of international mobility, and foster coordination and collaborative work among teachers through the creation of audiovisual didactic activities.
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