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El subtitulado para sordos como modalidad de traducción audiovisual. Propuesta para el SPS de la película italiana "Non ci resta che piangere" (ita-esp)
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Book chapter
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Estudios de traducción de lenguas para fines específicos
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This contribution is focused on Subtitling for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (SDH), one of the branches of Audiovisual Translation (AVT). The object of the subtitling is the Italian movie "Non ci resta che piangere" (1984), of Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi. Following an analysis of the linguistic features of the movie script, as the variety of language and the cultural markers, I shall take into account the main problems of translation and subtitling of the script from Italian to Spanish. After that, I shall present a proposal for SDH in accordance with the UNE153010 (2012) standard. The following points will be taken into consideration: linguistic adaptation, time of subtitles, characters and audio information. This contribution intends to serve as a guide for those working with intralinguistic and interlinguistic subtitling and an analytical tool for further theoretical approaches on SDH in Italy and Spain.
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