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Exploring new paths towards game accessibility
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Book chapter
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Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility at the Crossroads. Media for All 3
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Over the course of the last four decades video games have become a world-wide entertainment phenomenon. One of the keys to the success of this multibillion-dollar industry lies in video game developers' drive to reach as many gamers as possible by designing games of universal appeal and localising them into different languages. However, in their race to make games as universal as possible, developers are leaving behind an important segment of the market: people with disabilities. Naturally, people with visual, auditory, cognitive and physical disabilities also enjoy playing games because of the fun and entertainment that such games provide. In addition, games can contribute to improving the quality of life of people with disabilties and to increasing their sense of inclusion. This contribution explores the current issues associated with games accessibility and explores new paths towards a design for all that strive to include rather than exclude gamers with disabilities, truly providing fun for all.
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