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VISP 2.0. Methodological considerations for the design and implementation of an audiodescription based app to improve oral skills
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Book chapter
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Critical CALL. Proceedings of the 2015 EUROCALL Conference
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In this paper the methodological steps taken in the conception of a new mobile application (app) are introduced. This app, called VISP (Videos for Speaking), is easily accessible and manageable, and is aimed at helping students of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to improve their idiomaticity in their oral production. In order to do so, the app invites the user to make the Audio-Description (AD) of a clip, as part of a communicative task. This paper gives an account of the processes followed after creating and testing VISP, until arriving at the conception of its second version, VISP 2.0. This was accomplished by carrying out several empirical tests to evaluate the app and the learning outcomes it contributes to achieve. The data obtained to date have led to the proposal of some pedagogical guidelines that can be applied to a Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) app in order to make it enjoyable and, above all, effective.
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