Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Innovation in audio description research Edited book 2020
The Palgrave handbook of audiovisual translation and media accessibility Edited book 2020
Insights into audiovisual and comic translation. Changing perspectives on films, comics and videogames Edited book 2020
La traducción audiovisual. Aproximaciones desde la academia y desde la industria Edited book 2020
Using film and media in the language classroom. Reflections on research-led teaching Edited book 2019
The Routledge handbook of translation and pragmatics Edited book 2019
The translation of films 1900-1950 Edited book 2019
Reassessing dubbing. Historical approaches and current trends Edited book 2019
Translating audiovisuals in a kaleidoscope of languages Edited book 2019
Focusing on audiovisual translation research Edited book 2019
Handbuch Barrierefreie Kommunikation Edited book 2018
The Routledge handbook of audiovisual translation Edited book 2018
El doblaje. Nuevas vías de investigación Edited book 2017
Acessibilidade audiovisual. Produção inclusiva nos contextos acadêmicos, culturais e nas plataformas web Edited book 2017
Pesquisas teóricas e aplicadas em audiodescrição Edited book 2017
Fast-forwarding with audiovisual translation Edited book 2017
The didactics of audiovisual translation Edited book 2016
Media across borders localising TV, film and video games Edited book 2016
Researching audio description. New approaches Edited book 2016
The reception of subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing in Europe Edited book 2015