Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
La traducción de masculinidades gay en la teleficción. Análisis multimodal del doblaje latinoamericano y peninsular de la serie de televisión "Looking" PhD thesis 2021 Iván Villanueva Jordán
La transposició del llenguatge cinematogràfic en l'audiodescripció i l'experiència fílmica de les persones amb discapacitat visual PhD thesis 2020 Floriane Bardini
Representing visual foreshadowing in audio description PhD thesis 2020 Emma Andrews
Tabu e tradução audiovisual. Um estudo descritivo das normas de tradução para legendagem de linguagem tabu em contexto televisivo PhD thesis 2019 Catarina Xavier
Audio subtitling. Strategies for voicing subtiles and their effect on emotional activation PhD thesis 2019 Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo
La metáfora como herramienta de acceso al conocimiento en las guías audiodescriptivas de museos de arte contemporáneo PhD thesis 2019 M. Olalla Luque Colmenero
Representation and subtitling of linguistic varieties in Egyptian films PhD thesis 2019 Aishah Mohammed A Mubaraki
Subtitling for the deaf and the hard-of-hearing. A reception study in the Turkish context PhD thesis 2019 Ali Gürkan
Help or hindrance? New Zealand audience perspectives on subtitled media PhD thesis 2019 Victoria Kirk
Interpreting sissent. Narratives about American Sign Language English interpreting for the deaf president now protest PhD thesis 2018 Mark Halley
Subtitle segmentation quality across screens PhD thesis 2018 Olivia Gerber-Morón
Audio description of audiovisual programmes for the visually impaired in Hong Kong PhD thesis 2018 Dawning Leung
The transformations of the expression of humour in audiovisual translation PhD thesis 2017 Daiva Šidiškytė
Attention and dual coding theory. A study on the interaction. PhD thesis 2017 Andreu Oliver
The web of subtitling. A subtitling process model based on a mixed methods study of the Danish subtitling industry and the subtitling processes of five Danish subtitlers PhD thesis 2017 Kathrine Beuchert
Audio Description in Dutch. A corpus-based study into the linguistic features of a new, multimodal text type PhD thesis 2017 Nina Reviers
Audiodescripción de referentes culturales. Estudio descriptivo-comparativo y de recepción PhD thesis 2017 Raquel Sanz-Moreno
Integral captions and subtitles. Designing a space for embodied rhetorics and visual access PhD thesis 2017 Janine Butler
Immersion in audio description. The impact of style and vocal delivery on users’ experience PhD thesis 2017 Agnieszka Walczak
The effects of closed-captioned television on the oral reading fluency of low socioeconomic 2nd grade students PhD thesis 2017 Kristina Ard Livingston