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El subtitulado como herramienta complementaria en la rehabilitación logopédica de patologías lingüísticas
Publication Type
PhD thesis
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This dissertation explores the topic of one multidisciplinary approach research between two different areas: Audiovisual Translation and Speech-Language Therapy. The goal is to apply an audiovisual technique, subtitling, in a new context: speech-language therapy treatments. The potential of subtitling for language teaching has been discussed for some years now. Originally created for the provision of translation and media accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, subtitling technology is proving to be very useful to improve literacy, reading, writing and oral skills for four different types of students: deaf and hard-of-hearing people, foreign language students, students with learning disabilities, and people in an illiterate situation. The aim of this dissertation is to extend the use of this technique to other potential receivers, more specifically children with speech-language disorders, and to offer a new function of subtitling technology as a therapeutic tool. In this sense, the use of subtitles is an attempt to include new technologies in speech-language treatments to complement the traditional material.
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