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Audio subtitling. Voicing strategies and their effect on film enjoyment
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Working Paper
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Accessibility in Film, Television and Interactive Media


Media Accessibility, understood as a branch of Audiovisual Translation studies devoted to the study of access services to media, has experienced a growth in research in recent years. Even if some of the techniques in this field have produced a great number of works, others are still underresearched. This article reports on a pilot study carried out within the NEA Project1. The aim of the study is to compare different AST delivery styles in an experiment during which data will be gathered through subjective and objective measures. This article reports on the results of a pilot study in which the research procedure was set up and tested. Our main findings show that both subjective and objective assessment methods are valid to evaluate emotional experience induced by films.
Submitted by Belén Agulló on Mon, 16/09/2019 - 09:03