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Researching inter-asian audiovisual translation Publication Journal article
"A splendid innovation, these English titles!" The invention of subtitling in the USA and the UK Publication Book chapter
"Ocean’s Eleven" scene 12. The sample as methodological cogitation – rationale and data Publication Journal article
3D movie subtitling. Searching for the best viewing experience Publication Journal article
A connected history of audiovisual translation. Elements for consideration Publication Journal article
A method for analysing multimodal research material. Audio description in focus Publication Journal article
A narratological approach to content selection in audio description Publication PhD thesis
A segmentação linguística das legendas para surdos e ensurdecidos (LSE) de telenovelas. Uma pesquisa baseada em corpus Publication Journal article
Accessibilitat i traducció audiovisual Publication Book
Accessibility studies. Abuses, misuses and the method of poietic design Publication Book chapter
Accessibility to leisure and culture. Evaluation of contents by means of web-based reception studies with PRA2 Publication Journal article
Accessible paratext. Actively engaging (with) D/deaf audiences Publication Journal article
Análisis bibliométrico y webmétrico de los estudios de traducción audiovisual Publication Book chapter
Audio description. Concepts, theories and research approaches Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual media accessibility Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation studies in the Arab world. The road ahead Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation. Theories, methods and issues Publication Book
Cognitive spaces. Expanding participation framework by looking at signed language interpreters’ discourse and conceptual blending Publication Journal article