Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
"Ocean’s Eleven" scene 12. The sample as methodological cogitation – rationale and data Publication Journal article
“Ocean’s Eleven’s” stand-alone scene 12 with subtitles. A gift for teaching, what lessons for research? Publication Journal article
A audiodescrição na mediação dealunos com deficiência visual no ensino médio. Um estudo com a disciplina de geografia Publication PhD thesis
A pedagogical model for integrating film education and audio description in foreign language acquisition Publication Journal article
A project-based approach to subtitler training Publication Journal article
A tradução de humor, cultura e valores na legendagem do filme "Como treinar seu dragão" Publication Journal article
A translation studies approach to glossing using ELAN Publication Journal article
Accessibilità e inclusione. Tradurre il visibile attraverso pratiche didattiche plurisensoriali Publication Journal article
Accessibilitat i traducció audiovisual Publication Book
Accessibility as a component in inclusive and fit-for-market specialised translator training Publication Journal article
Accessibility assistance for visually-impaired people in digital texts Publication Journal article
Accessible games and education. Accessibility experiences with e-adventure Publication Book chapter
Acquiring translation competence through the use of subtitling. Enhancing language learning through translation and translating Publication PhD thesis
Type: Conference Presentation
Title Type
A bridge over a burning issue Conference Presentation
Accessibility and language teaching. The use of respeaking Conference Presentation
ACT and ADLAB PRO projects Conference Presentation
AD and pronominal verb production in students of Spanish. Lessons from the unexpected Conference Presentation