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Immersive Accessibility Project
Virtual Reality. How are public broadcasters using it? Publication
Tecnologías accesibles, traducción audiovisual y comunicación de masas Event
Profession of an audiovisual translator from A to Z - Module 2. Digital accessibility and audio description. Event
UMAQ conference. Progamme online News
Making immersive environments accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing users Conference Presentation
SDH in immersive environments. Can subtitles be immersive at all? Conference Presentation
Implementing subtitles in immersive media for a comfortable reading Conference Presentation
Captions on holodeck. Exploring the use of augmented reality to project lecture captions to improve learner experience at university Conference Presentation
Principles of accessibility a the key to the translation of AV and VR productions Conference Presentation
Subtitles for 360º videos Conference Presentation
Audio description in 360º videos. The question of storytelling Conference Presentation
Making immersive experiences accessible. The journey of ImAc project Conference Presentation
Making immersive media environments accessible. The immersive accessibility project Conference Presentation
Subtitling in immersive formats Event
Audio description in 360º videos. Results from focus groups in Barcelona and Kraków Publication
Localization and accessibility services at a very large scale News
From disabilities to capabilities. Testing subtitles in immersive environments with end users Publication
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Audio description in 360º videos. Results from preliminary tests Conference Presentation